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Outpatient treatment for children, adolescents, and adults

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Mental Health Outpatient Counseling

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions focused on the client's presenting issues.  The client and I will create treatment goals based on the client's needs and will work together utilizing a variety of interventions needed to meet those goals.  Family engagement is recommended when possible when the client is a child or adolescent.  I work from a Structural Family Therapy foundation focusing on building appropriate balance to the family unit.  Possible client issues can include trauma, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, life change, ADHD, or school challenges.

Adolescent Sexual Harm Treatment and Psychosexual Evaluations

Outpatient treatment for youth and/or families of youth who have engaged in sexually harmful behaviors.  Group treatment is also available for wrap around treatment.  This program focuses on reducing recidivism rates among adolescents by using psychoanalysis and CBT strategies.  Youth focus on identifying past histories and experiences that may have impacted their decision to engage in sexually harmful behaviors.  In addition, youth focus on topics such as: understanding their thoughts and emotions, healthy sexuality, healthy relationships, boundaries, coping strategies and trigger identification, empathy building, identification of thinking errors, understanding why the youth engaged in sexually harmful behaviors, creating a cycle of harm, creating an apology letter, creating a relapse prevention plan, and participating in reunification support (if appropriate).  Youth and families also create a safety and supervision plan to follow during treatment. 
A psychosexual evaluation is the first step prior to treatment in order to identify appropriate recommendations and needs.

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Trauma-Focused CBT

Evidenced-based outpatient trauma treatment for youth ages 3-18.  Treatment typically lasts 12-24 weeks and incorporates individual sessions for youth, parent, and a dyad.  Treatment will focus on assessment and psychoeducation of trauma, parenting skills, coping and relaxation skills, cognitive coping, trauma narrative, desensitization to the trauma in-vivo, and safety planning.

Funding sources

I accept Anthem, United Healthcare/ Optum, Optima and each of their Medicaids.  I also accept CSA, VJCCCA, EBA, and self pay.

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